Steps to Getting Your Chain and Wire Rope Certified

Being “up to code” is not just a self-congratulatory achievement for record-keeping purposes. Maintaining certified rigging equipment that is within OSHA, Department of Labor, and manufacturers’ codes helps keep your operation up and running and your crew protected.

Because these requirements are extensive and difficult to navigate, it can be taxing to ensure that every chain and strand of wire rope is properly certified. With rigging operations running at maximum capacity in order to meet demand, shutting down to engage in a time-intensive certification process simply isn’t in the cards.

With over 300 years of combined experience in the rigging industry, the team at Paducah Rigging has honed certification down to a science. Here are several approaches to getting your wire rope and chain certified, so you can focus on running your business.

Bring Your Material to a Testing Site

Curious if your material is within code limits? We can certify it in-house. With two test beds in different regions of the country, Paducah Rigging can test, tag and certify all types of slings and lifting mechanisms to every applicable standard. Our experienced team can certify all grades of chain and wire rope with a quick turnaround so you don’t lose production time.

Get an On-Site Rigging Inspection

Rigging inspections are required by various governing bodies within the industry, so if you are overdue for a full inspection, that’s the first order of business. The certified rigging inspectors at Paducah will go through your rigging operation with a fine-tooth comb, including every chain and spool of wire rope.

We keep a watchful eye for these pieces of equipment, since they underpin the safety of the entire operation. The inspector will check for various signs of damage including corrosion, kinks, abrasion, tension, core protrusion, and fatigue. Wire rope in particular can wear out not just from overuse, but also from improper storage. A complete rigging inspection will include an assessment of your rigging operation’s storage practices to keep all your rigging hardware and lifting supplies safely and effectively stored when not in use.

After the inspection is complete, the inspector can and should offer expert advice on how to improve your rigging operation. We can also help organize, file, and track your certifications.

Use a Verified Supplier for Chain, Slings, and Wire Rope

Finally, the best and most sustainable way to ensure your chain and wire rope is continually up to the rigorous industry standard is to source it from a verified, high-quality supplier.

For the last 50 years, Paducah Rigging has strove to be the strongest name in rigging. With a full suite of wire rope, slings, chain, and rigging hardware, we can outfit your rigging team with the best materials on the market. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your equipment – for the sake of meeting code, keeping your crew safe, and reaching your maximum potential.

Paducah – Your Complete Rigging Partner

For all things rigging and lifting – from inspections and certifications, to rigging hardware and fittings, to custom fabricated wire rope – turn to the industry leaders at Paducah Rigging. When it comes to meeting the standards, save your time and energy by connecting with a qualified professional at Paducah who knows the equipment landscape.

Featuring an experienced team with decades of on-site work, we can help answer your questions and optimize your operation. Whatever your rigging needs, we can supply it. Through a commitment to total service and 24/7 on-call support, we will be right there when you need us. Contact us today or explore the rest of our product and service offerings here.

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