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24/7 on-call support

We keep normal business hours, but if you need us we can help you whatever time it is. We keep staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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All Products are Built to Customers' Specifications

We stock only what the customer wants us to stock. Everything else is made how you want it. However you want it.

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On-Site Problem Solving

Not sure what you need? Not sure what’s wrong? Let us lend you our experience –for free. We have over 300 years of combined experience to share.
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On-Site Rigging Inspections
by a Certified Inspector

Our inspectors are third-party-certified to inspect everything you may have at your place. Just a phone call can get you on the schedule.
Or, if you have an emergency situation, we’ll be there.

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Barge Moving Systems

We have sold and continue to sell more barge hauling systems in the U.S. than any other distributor in the country. From the winch remote controls to the shackles, and everything in between, we can work with you to design or improve the system you want.

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In-House Testing
and Certification

With two test beds in two different regions of the country, we test, tag and certify all types of slings and lifting mechanisms to all applicable standards in-house. We can certify synthetic, and all grades of chain and wire rope, for quick turnaround and minimal lost time.

Looking for something else? Contact us for additional services.

The X-Factor Barge Cover Handling Device

The X-Factor model XF-1000-FF Barge Cover Handling Device is designed to aid in the removal and replacement of your barge cover. The process employed by X-Factor enables secure removal and replacement of covers without the need for personnel on the barge. 

X-Factor systems with Paducah Rigging

Contact us to learn more about the X-Factor XF-1000-FF Barge Cover Handling Device.


ASME, OSHA, the Department of Labor, and Manufacturers require A LOT. Let our Team of Trained and Certified Rigging Inspectors work for you. With five Certified Inspectors, our Inspection Services Division reaches throughout the Eastern Region of the United States, from St. Louis, to Pittsburgh, to Louisville, KY and down to New Orleans, LA and beyond.

Our Inspectors evaluate each and every component in your rigging system and offer multiple ways of seeing, organizing, filing and tracking your rigging and its certifications, including all RFID products and hand-helds.

We have two test bed locations where we certify the rigging in-house: Paducah, KY and Reserve, LA. All inspections complete with a detailed report on the visual rigging conditions. If we note defects in standard or custom rigging, we will offer repair recommendation, certification options, and the appropriate steps to improve safety and comply with applicable regulations moving forward. We have the knowledge, training, and service skills to help you get, or keep, your rigging inspection program up to par.

Get the support you need.

St. Louis, IL

7701 St. Clair Avenue
East St. Louis, IL 62203

Phone (618) 398-1991

Fax (618) 398-5125

Paducah, KY

4150 Cairo Road
Paducah, KY 42001

Phone (270) 443-3863

Fax (270) 443-8437

Memphis, TN

3496 WinHoma Dr
Memphis, TN 38118

Phone (901) 350-8199

Greenville, MS

1661 Harbor Front Road
Greenville, MS 38702

Phone (662) 378-4745

Fax (662) 378-4753

Reserve, LA

3931 W. Airline Highway
Reserve, LA 70084

Phone (985) 536-6045

Fax (985) 536-6055

Channelview, TX

8915 Sheldon Road
Channelview, TX 77049

Phone (281) 456-0900

Fax (281) 456-0904