An Inside Look at Paducah’s Rigging Supplies

When it comes to your rigging operation, details matter. The strength, output, and productivity of your equipment are limited to the durability of the weakest deck fitting or chain link. As one of the industry’s leading providers of rigging supplies, we take that truth to heart. For over 50 years, the team at Paducah has strode to uphold our reputation by baking quality and reliability into every shackle and strand of wire rope.

When determining where to get your rigging supplies, your decision could ultimately impact the trajectory of your entire operation. That’s why working with a supplier who can provide a full-scale, comprehensive offering can bring you to the next level. Keep reading to dive deep into the rigging supplies that set Paducah apart.


Whether you’re dealing with marine operations, anchors, overhead lifting and securement, or other daily rigging operation, strong chains form the backbone of the endeavor. Every Paducah chain is made from forged steel and proof tested at two times its working load limit, so you can feel confident leveraging it to its maximum potential. We carry both 6- and 8-link barge chain for marine operations, as well as long link and stud link chains for anchors. Complete with a full suite of hooks, chain hardware, and fittings, the Paducah line of rigging supplies will optimize your rigging operation for peak performance.

Paducah Rigging supplies and cordage anchors a cargo ship to a dock.


Cords and slings are essential elements on any rig, combining strength and flexibility that proves necessary, especially for marine operations. Depending on the size and weight of your project, we offer 3-, 8-, and 12-strand rope to fit the specifications of any tensile requirement. Our full docket of nylon sling options also makes it easy to secure unwieldy or irregular options.

Wire Rope

Wire rope is one of the defining elements of the rigging industry, and every rigging operation relies on it to safely execute daily tasks. Expert guidance in wire rope fabrication and utilization should be a defining factor when electing where to get rigging supplies.

Along with general purpose and rotation resistant wire rope options, Paducah also carries GAC, stainless, and galvanized strand variations. As a complete rigging outfitter, we also supply pertinent information regarding wire rope applications and orientations, drum ratios, reel capacity, replacement tips, and more.

Deck Fittings

In order to secure every load, chain, and rope, the right deck fittings are essential. We know that every project is unique, and many involve a huge network of connected pieces of equipment. In addition to the necessities (bitts, ratchets, chocks, capstans, winches, kevels, bumpers, and more), we offer customized products outfitted specifically for your operation. Specialized doors and port lights also enhance the safety of your team and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Rigging Hardware

Clamps, hooks, and eye bolts are the pivotal fulcrums of overhead lifting and securement. With dozens of customizable options, working with a supplier who can inspect your operation and make professional recommendations will be key. We offer over 100 hoist varieties alone, so we will help find the exact right combination of equipment and hardware that produces the most output for your rigging operation.

Paducah – Your Complete Rigging Outfitter

For all things rigging, overhead lifting, and securement, turn to the industry leaders at Paducah Rigging. When you’re determining where to get your rigging supplies, working with a qualified professional who knows the equipment landscape and compliance pressures makes all the difference.

Boasting an experienced team with decades of on-site work, we can help answer your questions and optimize your operation. Whatever your rigging operation needs, we can supply it. Through a commitment to total service and 24/7 on-call support, we will be right there when you need us. Contact us today or explore the rest of our product and service offerings here.

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