Why Safety Certifications Are Essential in Rigging

Safety is everything in rigging. Because heavy machinery is in constant use, you should take steps to ensure your team can proceed efficiently and safely. These matters are especially important at the end of a long day, during overnight projects or when business demands necessitate quick work.

In order to solidify and authenticate the safety conditions of your rigging operation, you need rigging safety certifications. These are typically issued by a qualified rigging equipment supplier and inspector who gives an unbiased, third-party evaluation of your safety conditions. Your equipment needs to be tested and certified through a full rigging inspection and your staff must obtain workplace safety training as well. Once armed with these endorsements, you will be prepared to confidently and swiftly carry out your projects.

Stay Operational

Rigging inspections are not simply a good idea – they are required by various regulatory bodies. OSHA, the Department of Labor and manufacturers all establish operating standards that every rigging operation must follow. If your facility is visited by a representative from one of these entities, you must be able to present the required safety certifications to demonstrate your compliance. In the event your certifications are expired or missing, you could risk being fined or even shut down.

To ensure you can continue to meet the needs of your clients, stay up-to-date on your rigging safety certifications.

A safety-certified barge navigates a river near Paducah, Kentucky.

Keep Your Crew Safe

Beyond being a signal to regulators that you are fit to conduct business, obtaining rigging safety certifications are vital to ensuring proper working conditions for your team. The standards set forth by regulators are designed to prevent mishaps on the job which can lead to injuries. Breaking safety protocols could create serious issues for your operation.

A workplace injury is not only a setback for the individuals involved; it can also cost your company in the form of down time, limited capacity, workers compensation and legal fees in the event of a lawsuit. Get a rigging inspection so you can rest assured that your team is set up for success.

A recently safety-certified pulley with a hook attachment in a Paducah Rigging warehouse.

Ensure the Quality of Your Equipment

Each chain is only as strong as its weakest link and every operation is only as strong as its weakest chain. By getting proper safety certifications, you can verify that your equipment is strong and reliable. This will help you meet the rigorous demands of the market and help your bottom line.

Even the most competent team can be hindered by lackluster or defective equipment. When you work with a rigging equipment supplier to certify the safety of your machinery and accessories, you give your business a runway to operate uninterrupted for longer periods of time.

How to Obtain Rigging Safety Certifications

For all things rigging safety, turn to the industry leaders at Paducah Rigging. Whether you need quality rigging supplies, a full-scale rigging inspection or operational advice, we can help. Working with a qualified professional who knows the equipment landscape and compliance pressures makes all the difference.

Featuring an experienced team with decades of on-site work, we can help answer your questions and optimize your operation. Whatever your rigging operation needs, we can supply it. Through a commitment to total service and 24/7 on-call support, we will be there when you need us. Contact us today to inquire about inspections and equipment.

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