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Each new project you undertake will present its own set of challenges. From weights to angles to distances, there are many factors to consider when planning your rigging. Not only that, but you must account for all those factors in a manner that prioritizes safety above all else. Sometimes, the equipment available can’t quite get the job done.
You can’t force equipment to work in ways that it was not intended to; this will create an unsafe working environment. On the other hand, you can’t expect manufacturers to create one-off items for you to complete a project. That is where our custom rigging fabrication service comes in.
When you have a specific design in mind or you need a solution to a problem on-site, you can count on our fabricators to provide you with everything you need. We work diligently to meet the highest safety standards in our fabrication process so that you have a quality custom piece of rigging equipment.
When you need a custom rigging fabrication solution, call on Paducah Rigging.

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