3 Reasons to Schedule Your Rigging Inspection

Rigging inspections may seem like tedious exercises. Having someone come out to your jobsite and go over every piece of equipment with a fine-toothed comb might sound like a real pain. After all, why bring everything on-site to a halt when nothing seems wrong in the first place? It can be tempting to keep pushing ahead without an inspection when everything is moving along smoothly with no signs of trouble ahead. This temptation should be fought at all costs. The only way to ensure safety on-site is to have a strong understanding of the condition that your equipment is in. 

Your jobsite must prioritize safety while working efficiently. You also need to prioritize cost control without cutting any corners. Frankly, we can’t think of three better reasons to have your rigging equipment inspected.

Safety Always

Keeping your crew safe is priority number one on the jobsite. While there is an inherent danger to our work, there are plenty of things that can be done to make sure everyone goes home at the end of their shift. One of the simplest ways to foster a safe work environment is to have your equipment regularly inspected. Having a certified professional look over your equipment can bolster productivity and ultimately, save lives. No matter how attentive you are, there could always be a flaw or malfunction that is missed. On-site inspections are designed to catch anything that might fall through the cracks. Trust your inspector, they are not out to get you! They simply aim to ensure that your equipment is working properly to protect your crew.

Peace of Mind

Regardless of how confident you are in the condition of your equipment, you have an entire crew to consider. Each member of your crew may have a different point of view on the safety of the equipment you have on-site. Having everything inspected gives your crew peace of mind. The value of this comfort cannot be understated. Regardless of the application, rigging can be a stressful environment to work in. This stress is quickly multiplied when workers have concerns about the equipment they are working with. 

An inspection will help to quell any concerns your crew may have. Putting them at ease allows them to focus on the task at hand. This ensures that safe, high-quality work is being done on your jobsite.

Save More Than Money

If you are pressed for time, it can be tempting to press on with equipment that is not working optimally. This will catch up to you eventually, and when it does, your best-case scenario is that it will only lead to a costly delay. Anything worse would result in injury, making a completely avoidable situation even worse. Continuing to work when you have questions as to the condition of the equipment you are working with is a huge mistake. Beyond the obvious safety ramifications, shutting down a project because a small problem became a major repair when it could have been caught by an inspection will balloon your budget and put you off schedule. 

This is a costly mistake to make. You will spend far more money by waiting for disaster to strike than you ever will by having your equipment inspected and repairing pieces as needed.

On-Site With You

You can count on Paducah Rigging to help keep your jobsite safe. We offer on-site inspections that can be scheduled with a fast turnaround time to keep your jobsite moving along. We also offer a full catalog of rigging equipment and hardware should you need to source a replacement in a hurry. 

Reach out to schedule your inspection today!

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