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Paducah Rigging offers premier rigging equipment and expert inspection services.

Precision matters when it comes to your barge haul system. You need to be able to count on every single aspect on a daily basis. The failure of a single piece can result in a work stoppage. 


However — with such consistent use — your barge haul system will be under almost constant inspection. Whether it is from a formal inspection or simple spot checks conducted by the crew, your system always has eyes on it. 


This allows you to catch potential issues before they have a chance to grow into catastrophic situations. It is one thing to plan for a stoppage to make a repair that won’t be overly time consuming, it is another entirely to deal with the aftermath of  a disastrous failure within your barge haul system.


When you are diligent about the upkeep of your barge haul system, one thing becomes abundantly clear: you need a reliable source of quality rigging equipment. A partner that you can rely on to keep your barge haul system online. 


Paducah Rigging is ready to be the partner you need to keep your barge haul system functioning optimally. We offer a full catalog of rigging equipment including wire rope, shackles, hoists and more. We also offer 24/7 support along with on-site inspections.

Keep Your Worksite On Track

Paducah Rigging is ready to be the rigging equipment partner you need.

Search through our full catalog to find the equipment you need.

Certified rigging inspection where you need it.

On-call support to guide you through best practices and techniques to get the job done.


Reach out if you have any questions about your rigging needs!

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