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wires are part of a new family of products now on the floor of Paducah Rigging warehouses. FACE, WING, WINCH, and STATIONARY WIRES designed and engineered for the Inland Marine Industry.

Superstrand Products are made for Paducah Rigging and designed by German engineers. The wire is bought in bulk, usually 5000 foot reels, and brought into our Kentucky and Louisiana branches. From there, we fabricate the length and fittings according to the customer’s specifications. To ensure the highest quality of wire rope, each reel of wire is inspected and pulled to destruction in our facility, on our test bed, and operated by Kentucky and Louisiana residents. All fittings are also regularly tested to ensure their quality, as well as all equipment used in the fabrication and testing processes.

The special design’s properties allow it to be more resistant to the normal complaints about winch wires: bad spooling, kinks, birdcaging, and many other names used on the river. The design also allows it to be handled easier than other wires in multiple applications on the river: winch wires, face and wing wires, stationary and barge wires. The wire rope is much more flexible than any other rope ever used in this application. And if you want more strength, or prefer to downsize to a lighter wire, just ask for Gorilla Superstrand!!

SuperStrand’s best selling point: if you think it looks good on paper, wait ‘till you see it work on a barge.

We Sell Quality....

Wire Rope

We carry multiple Domestic lines, import lines, Specialty Crane Lines, and ALL OTHER CONSTRUCTIONS, GRADES, and QUALITIES.  We have ALL of it.  Need a Sling or Choker?


From Nylon and polyster ropes to Lock Line and Saturn-12 High Performance Lines, we handle ALL Qualities and Types of Cordage.  Need nylon slings or a tie-down?  We carry a full inventory of import AND USA-MADE-ONLY Nylon and Polyester Round Slings too!

Deck Fittings

Anything that goes above the deck, and some that goes below, we can find you whatever you want. Electric Winches –boat and barge; manual and hand winches;  Full Line of Nabrico Deck Fittings including Capstans, Kevels, Chocks, Hatches, Lids and Doors; Barge Chain, Anchor Chain, Anchors and THE NAUTICAL GUARD™.  


Crosby on ALL, import on some.  Any kind of hardware you want.  Turnbuckles, Hooks, Grade 120 Chain and lesser, Chain Slings, Shackles, Clips, Clamps, HOISTS, Sheaves, Blocks, Swivels, Lifting Beams, Clamps, Sockets.


The next generation in Samson’s 12-strand working lines made with Dyneema® fiber, Saturn-12 has a coating that improves abrasion resistance and increases residual strength as much as 15–20% when compared with other HMPE lines and their conventional coatings. This torque-free, flexible, and easy-to-handle construction is easy to inspect and splice in the field.


HMPE Rope Performance

Saturn-12 99%
AmSteell®-Blue 88%
Quantum-12 72%
Turbo-75 68%


The Saturn-12 has the same qualities and strength of AmSteell®-Blue, but the coating seems to withstand normal wear and tear better, which leads to longer life before retirement.

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