Quality Rigging Equipment from Paducah Rigging in Memphis, TN

Quality Rigging Equipment in Memphis, TN

Are you a rigging and lifting professional in Memphis, TN? Paducah Rigging supplies quality rigging equipment for rigging and lifting professionals. We are happy to be recognized as a premier provider of wire rope, synthetic rope, chain, hardware and fittings, professional engineering on-site inspections and inventory management.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable service to rigging and lifting professionals in Memphis, TN. We sell high quality wire rope, cordage deck fittings and rigging hardware. When it comes to cordage, we supply nylon and polyester ropes, and Saturn-12 High Performance Lines

We ensure all of our products are built to our customers’ specifications. We also offer 24/7 on call support. When you call our Memphis, TN office, you’ll be speaking to a real person who can help you navigate any scenario. Even if you don’t know what you need or what’s wrong with your shackles or barge, we can help; we have over three hundred years of combined experience to share. 

We are proud to provide quality rigging equipment to lifting and rigging professionals in the Memphis, TN area. Learn more about how Paducah Rigging can help you achieve your goals.

Integrity. Commitment. Rigging.

Paducah Rigging has assisted more lifting and rigging professionals and sold more barge hauling systems in the U.S. than any other distributor in the nation. We can design a new system or improve your existing one with industry-leading expertise and materials, from electric winch remote controls to towing shackles, and everything in between. Our experienced team has decades of on-site work and superior knowledge of the marine equipment landscape. In addition to getting your barge moving, we can help answer your questions and provide emergency support. Paducah Rigging is committed to maintaining a legacy of excellence, exceeding your expectations and providing unrivaled gear.

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