3 Benefits of Using a Stockless Anchor

Out of all the anchor options available, stockless anchors may be the most versatile of them all. Designed to handle nearly any type of sea bed, these anchors are perfect for ships that will find themselves in numerous different ports around the world. However, that is not the only advantage of using a stockless anchor. Here we will run down 3 major benefits of using one on your ship.

1. Versatility

The design of stockless anchors makes them a great option for ships that will encounter many different sea beds when they come to port. With a dead weight, they can create drag on hard bottoms where getting the anchor to bite may prove difficult. Speaking of bite, the crown, arms and flukes make use of a pivot in the shaft to hold fast in sand and mud. Having this versatility offers peace of mind to sea captains all over.

2. Handles Like a Dream

The easier it is to handle an anchor the better. Dropping anchor requires focus to ensure that the ship can be secured while crewmembers remain safe on deck. Stockless anchors are cast in one piece, making them relatively easy to handle both on deck and once it’s been set in the seabed. The simple design makes breaking the anchor out an easy process.

3. Simple Stowing

Since these anchors are without a stock, they are incredibly easy to stow. When deck space is precious and anchor chain can create a hazard, having an anchor that won’t create additional headaches is a plus for ships of all types.

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