Recycling allows the U.S. to reduce its dependency on foreign oil by millions of gallons a year and Paducah Rigging wants to help with that.  Paducah Rigging believes it to be good practice to find a way to improve America’s economic stability and be good to the environment. To facilitate this endeavor, Paducah Rigging has announced its partnership with RTLR Industries for the purpose of collecting and recycling river non-metal rope that no longer is being used for its intended purpose.

As the largest supplier of rope on the inland waterways, the role we play is vital to the existence of the program.  For absolutely no compensation, we deliver recyclable “super sacks” to companies who show participatory interest in the program.   Those companies then load the “bags” full of used rope.  Once full, arrangements are made and we pick up the sacks whenever we our delivery trucks are near.  The sacks are brought back to our facilities and staged for trucks going directly to the recycler.  The lock line and leaving line can be recycled into pellets and then molded into new durable, lightweight products.  Currently, only a small percentage of plastics are recycled, but Paducah Rigging and RTLR are trying to change the way the marine industry helps with that problem.  Much thanks to all of those involved in this broad endeavor!